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Elizabeth Mary White

I love keeping the Premo Kneebak in my car because the seat dips backward and I cannot sit comfortably. Using the Kneebak Premo, I sit higher and the pad gives me a more comfortable seat.

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Frank Buentello

I really like using the KNEEBAK Pillow and use it regularly. It’s helpful when I attend meetings, as I use it in my chair to support my lower back. It helps me get through long meetings with no soreness at the end of the day.

Diane Opella

I use the Premo Kneebak Pillow to keep me in my seat and give a little extra cushion while I drive. It's a great driving accessory!


I travel a lot for work and using the Kneebak Pain Relief Solution Pillow is the best support on a long trip!

H.K. Khalsa

I take care of your feet, but the Kneebak Medium Pillow takes care of my spine! Can't leave home without it!

Officer Orozco

Sciatic pain gone thanks to Thera Pillows! Heavy belt with gear keeps me from sitting comfortably, the Kneebak Large Pillow is my go-to relief during my shift.

R. Milliner

I drive for Indian River Trucking starting out from Tampa, Florida to Waco, Texas; I then drive to Mission, Texas and on to Lubbock, Texas then back to Tampa. When I’m not driving with the Kneebak Pillows, I start feeling stiff. That’s when I remember the Pillows and put them behind my back and neck, and I immediately feel a lot better and more comfortable. They do work. Randal Milliner, Indian River Trucking ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I used the Large Kneebak Pillow in my seat to support my tailbone driving to Dallas, and I was so impressed: no back pain upon arrival!

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Adrian Dominguez

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Kneebak Pillow works out great for me. I usually have it wedged between my side and the armrest and occasionally I put it on my back, moving it from my mid-back to my low back for support. I use it everyday while on my shift. Adrian Dominguez, ATU Local 694 Board Member/VIA Metro Bus Operator

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Mack Jake Reeves

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I recently experienced severe pain in my lower back due to an old injury. The sciatic inflammation caused me to be unable to sit for any period of time. My mother had a Large Kneebak Pillow in her car while taking me to the ER; when I sat on it, it immediately gave me great relief! I was able to sit with more comfort and a lot less pain. It really works! Mack Jake Reeves , Junior, Sam Houston University