The Kneebak Pain Relief Solution Pillow


offers a non-pharmaceutical alternative to manage neck pain, sciatic pain, back and hip pain with no side effects.

I love keeping the Premo Kneebak in my car because the seat dips backward and I cannot sit comfortably.  Using the Kneebak Premo, I sit higher and the pad gives me a more comfortable seat.
Elizabeth Mary White
I have been using the KNEEBAK Pillow for the last 3 weeks and I think it’s great! I think of it as an ‘all-around’ pillow…The size is perfect! It keeps me in place and holds me upright. When I get off my 8 hour shift, I have no back ache!
Diana Opella, VIA Metro Primo Driver
Trying the KNEEBAK on a recent trip, I arrived with no aches or pains…it was like a miracle, as I had never experienced that before.
Ty Shauer
Since I probably spend more time with my car than anyone (except God) I have been enjoying using my Small Kneebak Pillow in my new Avalon.  I drive for 1 hour, 2-4 times a week for weekly appointments with my Pillow and love using it!  Recently, I was driving my husband’s Buick without my magic support Pillow and I now have a hip ache and shoulder ache from my body not having correct alignment.  I had to buy a second Kneebak to be sure I never drive without it!
Hari-Kirn Khalsa, Reflexologist, Spiritual Healer
The Kneebak Pillow works out great for me.  I usually have it wedged between my side and the armrest and occasionally I put it on my back, moving it from my mid-back to my low back for support.  I use it everyday while on my shift.
Adrian Dominguez, ATU Local 694 Board Member/VIA Metro Bus Operator
I drive for Indian River Trucking starting out from Tampa, Florida to Waco, Texas; I then drive to Mission, Texas and on to Lubbock, Texas then back to Tampa.  When I’m not driving with the Kneebak Pillows, I start feeling stiff.  That’s when I remember the Pillows and put them behind my back and neck, and I immediately feel a lot better and more comfortable.  They do work.
Randal Milliner, Indian River Trucking
I really like using the KNEEBAK Pillow and use it regularly. It’s helpful when I attend meetings, as I use it in my chair to support my lower back. It helps me get through long meetings with no soreness at the end of the day.
Frank Buentello, ATU Board Member
I recently experienced severe pain in my lower back due to an old injury. The sciatic inflammation caused me to be unable to sit for any period of time.  My mother had a Large Kneebak Pillow in her car while taking me to the ER; when I sat on it, it immediately gave me great relief!  I was able to sit with more comfort and a lot less pain.  It really works!
Mack Jake Reeves , Junior, Sam Houston University

Our Passion

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

The inspiration that led to the solution for low back and neck pain was born out of a necessity to relieve continual pain. The simple design idea was realized as “a miracle” by the inventor. The Kneebak® Pillow addresses various kinds of back pain, especially the kind that only YOU can feel. Our passion to develop the Kneebak® Pillow for all who are suffering is why the Kneebak® Pillow was born. You too can experience the comfort, relief, and back support that it miraculously provides, just as it did when it was created.


Our Kneebak® Pillow offers solutions for pain.

The KNEEBAK® PILLOW alleviates an array of pains including lumbar, thoracic, and cervical inflammation. It provides a therapeutic cushion to address sciatica, pelvic misalignment, and pain from previous injuries that are made worse while sitting. People who sit in a static position for long periods can accumulate pressure and stress—even if they do not have previous injuries.


Made in the USA.

We offer various sizes and shapes to match your specific height and weight that will address your pain. Made from durable polyurethane foam that stays strong over time and 100% cotton Ripstop fabric (used by the military) for a soft but tough-to-tear cover. Hand sewn by a woman/veteran-owned small business; we take pride in our finished product as being among the “best in Texas!”


The science in Kneebak® Pillow pain relief

The KNEEBAK® PILLOW prevents pressure from building up in the upper and lower back areas as well as in the neck. By releasing compression, increasing blood circulation, and allowing for isometric movement, the Kneebak® Pillow affords a method to address your specific pain needs. While in a confined position for an extended period (road trip, meetings, or field mission) the Kneebak Pillow® will decompress and realign your back. The neck cutout restores the natural curve of the neck and provides a comfortable neck pillow and a quick back massage.


Made in the USA.

  • Patent Pending – Multi-purpose therapeutic pillow
  • Travel Pillow – neck and back support
  • Medical Device used as a support to maintain proper skeletal curvature
  • Ergonomically sensitive – reduces tension
  • Proper use can lead to decreased dysfunction
  • Improves quality of living
  • Different sizes accommodate varying build of user