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Small KNEEBAK Pillow – Black


Small KNEEBAK Pillow – Black



The SMALL KNEEBAK Pillow produces reliable support and comfort behind the neck and shoulders, especially while driving.  Lodging the KNEEBAK at the top of the car seat below the headrest, provides a relaxing “ahh” moment.


The SMALL KNEEBAK Pillow is perfect for head support.  The headrest is designed to keep your head from snapping back in case of an accident.  Not only will the SMALL KNEEBAK keep you safe but also provide a comforting cushion that fills the void behind your head. By using the SMALL KNEEBAK Pillow behind your back and shoulders you diminish stress that accumulates while driving or working on your computer. Press into the KNEEBAK and feel the relief!


Measures 2.75″ H x 6″ W x 5.75″ D


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