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Large KNEEBAK Pillow – Black


Large KNEEBAK Pillow – Black



The LARGE KNEEBAK Pillow is designed for extra lift and more firmness. It provides a bigger “push back” when you lean into it.  The LARGE KNEEBAK Pillow lifts your knee higher and allows for deeper compression.

Measures 4″ H x 11″ W x 7″ D


The LARGE KNEEBAK Pillow is 11” wide and almost 6” high, which provides you with a sturdy but pliable cushion to work into your back as you lean into it.  By placing it under your knee, and pushing up and down, you work the upper leg muscles while driving.  This small movement (press and releasing) will increase blood flow to your legs and allow for a slight pelvic motion that helps you realign your back. Order one now and use it with your MEDIUM for improved sitting and comfort.


Measures 4″ H x 11″ W x 7″ D


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