Kneebak® Pillow is the perfect first choice to alleviate pain.

The Thera Pillows Company was founded by Stella Bustos as a solution to manage her own physical pain. Since 1999, she has dedicated her efforts to creating multi-functional, ergonomic pillows. Firm, yet soft, foam pillows are designed for effective neck pain relief and back comfort while sitting, whether at work, at home or in a vehicle.

Sitting at a desk for a long day’s work, can, not only lead to neck stiffness and spinal compression, but also neck misalignment. In addition, sitting incorrectly at a desk and using a mouse for hours on end can cause pain in your wrist. Using the Kneebak® Pillow under your wrist to avoid touching the desk, mitigates pressure on the base of the hand. Additionally, by using this neck pillow behind your head, leaning back into it rather than extending forward, you will avoid further neck and upper shoulder fatigue. Shop Now


The Kneebak Pain Relief Solution Pillow was originally developed to be used in a vehicle. It is a multi-purpose therapeutic pillow, so it can be used while sitting anywhere. It is a decompression device that not only relaxes the spine providing a mini-back massage and relaxes the neck by realigning it into its proper position: a backwards “C” but also stretches your low back muscles when placed under your knee.


Using the Kneebak Pain Relief Solution Pillow while sitting in your office chair to support your lower back improves posture, placing the Kneebak Pillow behind your upper and midback will relax and decompress the spine.

By placing your Kneebak Pillow under your wrist while using your mouse, you can avoid carpal tunnel pain.


While lying in bed, place the Kneebak Pain Relief Solution Pillow (arms up) behind your neck and allow your neck to stretch out prior to rising. When relaxing in your recliner, place the Extra Large Kneebak at the base of the spine to fill in the gap and support your low back. Placing a small or medium Kneebak Pillow behind your neck allows for support and relaxation.

It is an alternative neck support sleeping pillow.

Stella Bustos - owner

The Creator of
Kneebak Pain Relief Solution Pillow

Stella Bustos suffered two car accidents within 2 weeks of each other and from that experience lived with pain her spine, neck and into her right hip joint for 5 years. Her injuries caused her neck to completely reverse its natural curve (backwards “C”) position to a forward “C”, causing tingling and loss of strength in her right arm. This prompted her to seek out chiropractic help and was told she would be in therapy for 6 months, 3 x per week and using a weight belt on her head to open and realign her neck.

At that time, she worked as a sales rep for a lighting agency and found herself in her vehicle most of the day. The pain was so intense one morning after getting into her car, that she had an inspiration to place the daily newspaper under her right knee which instantly relieved her pain. That inspiration led to the creation of a small, rolled pillow that evolved into a neck pillow and back and knee pillow, so she called her creation, the Kneebak® Pain Relief Solution Pillow.


The 100% cotton Ripstop and OCP Multicam Scorpion textiles come from Carr Textile Corporation located in Fenton, Missouri and Crye Precision, in Brooklyn, New York. Thera Pillows Company depends on quality American sourced products, excellence in manufacturing and reliable, sustainable methods of production in all materials used to make the Kneebak® Pillow.


We are proudly partnered with The Unicorn Center, a vocational training and job placement agency for adults with intellectual developmental disabilities. Unicorn empowers people to achieve their maximum potential for independence and productivity in the workplace and in the community.


The Kneebak® Pillow is hand-sewn by local women working at a small, woman-veteran-owned business. The polyurethane foam is formed and die cut by Sealed Air, a global, sustainable packaging solution company in Pflugerville, Texas. The covers are joined with the foam by the adults at the Unicorn Center. It is our commitment to support the local community of people who are skilled, or have disabilities, yet are able to work to fulfill their maximum potential and fill a need in the community.